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Teacher Webpage


  1. Click the “LINK TO TEMPLATES” button under start here.  

    • This will take you to the Google Sites Template Gallery

    • From there you will choose which template you would like to make your own

    • Once you click one of the templates IT AUTOMATICALLY WILL MAKE YOU A COPY.

2. Once you have opened the template, make sure to change the name in the top left corner of the screen. 

Teacher Webpage Screenshot

3. Once you have changed the name, I recommend adding your site to a folder that you call “Teacher Website” or something that you will recognize

4. Once you are ready to publish your site, it will ask you what the web address will be.  Please type in the beginning of your email address.  For example, jdoe   - NOT

5.A. All elementary unit members shall be required to electronically post on the District’s supplied webpage:

  • the unit member’s email and telephone contact information
  • supply list
  • classroom daily schedule
  • homework policy
  • grading policy
  • classroom rules/expectations
  • Special schedule
  • where homework assignments will be posted
  • where days staying after school will be posted

5.B. All secondary unit members shall be required to electronically post on the District’s supplied webpage:

  • the unit member’s email and telephone contact information
  • course syllabi
  • supply list
  • homework policy
  • grading policy
  • classroom rules/expectations
  • where homework assignments will be posted
  • and where days staying after school will be posted.  

6. There is an optional portion for an “About Me” section

**IMPORTANT** If you are adding a Google file from your drive and you want it to be visible to ANYONE (not just those with whom you have shared it previously) YOU MUST PUBLISH IT TO THE WEB.

To do so, in the document itself, click on “FILE”, then “SHARE”, then “PUBLISH TO WEB”. 

This will ensure that anyone who visits your site can see the document.



  • To change the picture on a banner (For example on the “HOME” screen), click “CHANGE IMAGE”.  Then you will be prompted to select whether you want to upload the image or use a google image.  You can also upload from this screen. 

  • You can change the header type to the right of the “CHANGE IMAGE” button.  This will give you the option on each page to have a thinner or thicker header.  

  • To add a picture to an existing content block, hit the “PLUS” button.  This will prompt you to choose the content you want to add and from where.  If a photo is in your drive for example, simply click “DRIVE” and then look through to find your picture/document 

  • The three stars in the bottom right hand corner of the header will adjust the readability of your text in the header when there is a photo there.  This can be helpful if the text is hard to read.  

  • The anchor allows you to “ANCHOR” the image in the direction that you would prefer. 


  • You can add content blocks to any page. They are located on the right side toolbar under “INSERT”. There are different options depending on the content you want to add. 

  • To move a content block, simply hover over the dots either on the top of the content block or to the left, click those and drag the content block to where you want it. 

  • Under the INSERT toolbar, there are many options of content and features to add.  I like using the divider in order to separate the content blocks.  

  • To delete a content block, change the color, or duplicate the section, you can hover over the block on the left hand side and you will see three options, the painters 


  • To embed a link in text anywhere on your google site, you simply click the text and a text toolbar will appear above the text.  Click the PAPER CLIP icon and this will allow you to embed a link. 

  • Links could include

    • Link to another google site

    • Link to social media account

    • Link to websites with helpful information 


  • To add a page, simply click the plus button on the bottom of the tool bar

  • You can move pages in the toolbar on the right side of the screen by selecting “PAGES”. 

  • By clicking the 3 dots to the right of the page you can do the following

    • Move the page by dragging it above or below another

    • Duplicate the page (create an exact copy)

    • Add a subpage

    • See properties - change name of page

    • Delete the page

    • Hide the page (maybe for an upcoming unit)


  • Google sites runs just like a document, therefore, you can:

    • Undo (the arrow pointing to the left)

    • Go forward through edits (arrow to the right)

    • Preview the site (the computer icon)

    • Share (the person with the plus sign)

    • Settings 

    • The three dots has 

      • A tutorial

      • You can see the version history of the site

      • You can make a copy

      • Help

      • Take a tour

  • Publish will publish the changes you’ve made to the site since last publishing it (making it public)



Please complete/submit the Google Form found HERE

Teachers who have an existing link to their former Blackboard site will no longer have access as of June 30, 2023. The links will be replaced with their new Google Site URL once complete. 

Image of a website under construction

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